"If you own this story you get to write the ending."
Brené Brown
Let’s talk about…
YOUR Brand
You'd like to become visible but feel blocked in doing so? Together we'll be working on your self-image, hidden thought patterns and a truthful and tangible vision that feels right to you. I'll help you discover the value in your story and find a matching identity to your unique point of view.
You have ideas for own media formats, books or initiatives? I help you turn them into reality. As a sparring partner I offer you a change of perspective, tons of ideas and access to my experience and network. And most importantly - accountability! Because iIt's time to share your gifts with the world.
YOUR Communications
Helping you to make your messages clear, consistent and moving. We'll have a look on how you can use social media for yourself and align your activities with your personal essence and mission. Creating unique ways of communication that support you rather than being additional work.
Is the way you're communicating with yourself supporting your dream life? Every action you take is basically an inner conversation starter. Do you like the world you live in? What you consume? Together we'll open up the conversation and explore possible resources to help you navigate a fulfilled life.
Ready to reconnect with your intuition and speak your truth?
Personal Brand Convo
Together we explore the depths of your persona and the possibilities to express yourself. Do others see myself the way I see myself? Do my messages align with my values? Are my actions aligned with my true self? How can intuitive content creation look like for me? What stories do I have to tell? Why do I want to be seen in the first place? What can I share with the world? What is my unique way of doing so? Once you see yourself for what you truly are, you step into your power.
Creative Sparring
Are you stuck with a communication project of yours? Are you missing a fresh pair of eyes? I’ll be your sparring partner. To be able to reconnect with your intuition we often only need a change of perspective. This mutual brainstorming will bring you the desired clarity to continue working on your project. Alongside handy tips for tools, clues based on years of marketing experience, best case examples, and lots of fun. Because creating together is always a little bit more fun.
For individual frameworks or workshop requests please drop me an e-mail.
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