“We teach best what we most need to learn.“
Richard Bach
do you started as a place of self-study

do you was founded in 2020 and started as a personal project in 2019. A mantra that led me to self-employment. Creative expression and in particular writing has been my number one outlet in making me happy since I can remember. My appetite for a good story that embarked a new information or a new learning was never satisfied. I imagined my core absorbing information like a sponge, I still do.

As journalist & social media strategist my work evolved 24/7 around communication and finding creative and effective solutions, being constantly online discovering the newest brands and analyze how people position themselves. I became obsessed with personal branding. I was great in doing it for others. But what about myself?

Being interested in almost everything often left me with nothing in my daily practice. Because I simply couldn‘t decide. The noise was too big to hear my intuition. The consumption bigger than what I created. I believe that our communication is as good as our comprehension. Yet when I quit my job and birth my bigger idea of do you into existence I found myself looking on the outside again. Everywhere I go I secretly watched others living their dream life. But what was my definition of beauty, sucess, family, wellbeing and creativity?

What is truly aligned with me? And what did that mean for my daily life? Are the way I talk to myself, what I consume on social media & co. on the same page as my actions and communication? And does this lifestyle spark joy? - to put it in Marie Kondo‘s words.
“Telling our stories is a healing tool for life.”
My goal is to encourage you to be unapologetic about what makes you you.
By bringing consciousness into every day life and our actions, consumption and words.

I believe that this process of self-reflection enriches not only my work as a communication specialist and writer but everyone‘s life. A good story (your story) lives from substance, creativity, joy and encouragement. They‘re here to be told by humans (you) to humans (us).
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“The difference between who you are
and who you want to be is what you do.”
Bill Philipps