How do you want to show up for yourself in 2023?
Happy belated New Year! It's January 16, in case you didn't know, and before I have the chance to let more and more days of the new year pass by, I'm writing to you in my pajamas quickly before going to bed. Taking advantage of the momentum of my prior evening kundalini practice focused on releasing fear.

I've been meaning to write to you from my Christmas break who turned out not to be the break I wished for. And made me question for another year the concept of Christmas. Who would at the end of a year when everyone's batteries are low think of spending an intense time full of expectations with your family and loved ones? How can we discharge the event from all its pressure and expectations? My goal for 2023 is to come up with an answer for that. Yes, I'm dreaming big😇

Another goal is to write at least 12 mails to you, one each month. Challenging myself to just do it, to publish, to speak out loud instead of letting my notes and thoughts go to waste. The problem with my writing practice is that writing is indeed as necessary as food or water to me, but to publish seems to be something that I cannot bring myself to do these days. I have learned that not every story needs to be shared right away as it happens but as time passes by and I reread old notes I also notice that their included windows of growth for me have closed. Precious opportunities to practice being courageous, to practice that being seen is not a bad thing, to practice that I have something to say and am allowing myself to say it.

Some time ago I envisioned myself as the person I'd like to be: expresses herself, doesn't censor oneself, helps others, shares knowledge, tells stories, takes care of herself, doesn't take herself too seriously, tries something new every day, enjoys her life, is grateful and proud of herself, sees her self-worth unapologetically. How do you envision yourself? What does that person eat to fuel herself? What does she or he need to thrive, to think clearly, to get into action? What would your break through habit be?

It's time to go to bed now for me, so I can get a good night's rest and be that person I'd like to be tomorrow again. So I'll just hit the send button, knowing I'll write to you soon again. And telling you more from my first few months as a health coach in training and what I actually did manage to tick off from my pre-birthday wishlist for myself. Let's just say, I have a lot of work to do in 2023. But I'm excited for it. 2023 is the year to do you. x Marlene