How to become your own authority
I've spent the last months somehow hiding – hiding from the next level of my life and what that would ultimately mean for me. I was dreaming of do you's shift into what I secretly imagined it to be and yet I was afraid of not being qualified enough for it. It's not that I was feeling paralyzed (an emotional state I know very well❤️‍🩹), it was rather that I didn't allow the world to see my truest self. I didn't allow myself to see my truest self.

On Friday, a friend of mine said to me “You know what time it is? You're finally able to reap the fruits of your hard work". Please remember that with hard work I usually not mean long hours of actual work but the deeply transformative work of self-discovery. He was so right. Whatever we're dreaming of, is our birth right and our ultimate legimitation to bring to life. We are all our own authority – if we allow ourselves to claim that identity. And I'm so ready to claim it!

Along my personal process, I researched the backgrounds of various people that I feel shaped the wellness industry. They didn't do it because they acquired a license or a bachelor or a certification, they did it because it was their personal calling, it was their own cure of healing or their own daily dose of joy:

And yet I couldn't stop thinking “Who am I to do so?”. I know that voice spoke from my mind rather than my heart. I'm not doing this because I want a big applause. I started do you because it gave me an outlet to share what I had on my mind, what interests me and what I discovered on my healing journey. There was no certificate in the world to approve of my talents, purpose and learnings. And there was also no need to. I was looking yet again for an external validation when all I needed was to finally approve of myself. To approve of yourself seems to be an endless process as we keep on changing and changing. It was exactly the same when I started out as a writer and social media strategist. I started out based on my interests and intuitive gifts. Yes I got better through my education, but nor my bachelor nor anything else was giving me the approval to actually work in that field. I already was my own authority.

So how do I become my own authority?

And while I can't wait to step into my early new moon ritual bath and enjoy this Sunday evening, I cannot believe that the original notes and idea from this newsletter are one year old. I've often felt that last year I was two steps ahead and this year two steps behind, but I know it's not true. Some things take time, especially when you need to embody a whole new identity and life. So I dare you…

Keep on birthing your truest selves, day by day. And let me know what you secretly would like to be or do – but are not allowing yourself yet. Say this as often as needed throughout the day: I am ready to change the world by being fully and fiercely myself.